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Barber Custom Nike Air Force One

Custom painted Nike Air Force 1. This edition was specially made for my barber and we want to get a cool custom out to all those in that field of work. The text along the outsole can be changed to whatever you like.

Barber Custom Painted Nike Air Force 1 White

View this post on Instagram Dope video put together from my dude @skarxface_photography go check out his page and what

Barber Cutting Cape

EXCELLENT SHOP CAPE: Good quality and silky soft material; Looks and feels very classy and expensive BETTER THAN YOU EXPECTED: This nice comfortable cape cutting cape; perfectly for your needs whatever at salon or at home haircuts; Will make you look like a classy barber ADJUSTABLE: Longer enough also the back part of the cape to cover the whole body; adjustable snaps; works well for adults and kids WATER RESISTANT: This professional quality barber cape is water and stain resistant to effectively keeps clients dry and clean EASY TO CLEAN & DURABLE: Cleaning this cape couldn't be simpler! wipe it clean with a little water, or toss it in the washing machine! Quick to dry and wash repeatedly still holding up high-quality

Barber Geeks Capes

The New Kings Cutting Cape brings new style to cutting hair. It’s design stands out sure to capture the attention of the client. It has an elastic neck strap for comfort KINGS BURGUNDY RED is very stylish, light weight and very comfortable. Cut with style and match the cape with the Kings Apron. Black and Gold Cape is very stylish, light weight and very comfortable. Cut with style and match the cape. The BarberGeeks wet stylng cape comes in 2 different neck sizes (small/medium neck size that fits a small child to young adults with thinner necks. And Large neck size that fits huskier people that have thicker neck sizes.

Barber Geeks Flag Capes

Barbergeeks new cutting capes are one of the hottest and coolest capes on the market right now. Its cool design of the country makes you feel proud of who you are and where you’re from. As of now we only have 7 country cutting capes to chose from. Puerto Rico Dominican Republic Mexico Colombia Cuba Jamaica Haiti

Barber Geeks Hair Twist Comb

Perfect for creating a full head of hair twists in mins. Affordable large twist sponge. Also available is the Hair Twist Gel for better performance.

Barber Geeks Hair Twist Gel

Hair Twist Gel is not like your average hair product. Unlike other brands that have a strong hold, sticky and uncomfortable hair twist gel that is hard to remove from your hair this hair twist gel is very light and thin and can be removed from your hair very easily. Its functionality makes it easy to twist your hair into desired look. Very easy to use. 20 oz. container.

Barber Geeks Razors

Barber Geeks has so many razors from its hard to pick a favorite. Blue and Gold, The Gold Shavette for safety's sake, Star Life, Black Out and 3 colors to choose from in the Dope aSet, All Eyes on Me, Self Made comes in Black and Red, then there's the sleek White and Gold razor to top em off. What's your Style?

Barber Geeks Shave Gel

BarberGeeks 16oz. Shaving gel Rich scent Prevents irritation and safe on all skin Promotes smooth glide

Barber Geeks Wooden Razor Collection

Barber Geeks has a great variety of wooden handle razors.

Barber Geeks World Razors

Barber Geeks has a nice selection of 7 razors from the places in the world. Colombia Razor with Pablo Escobar image printed on the blade holder, A tribute to Mexico, Beautiful design paying tribute to the nation of Dominican Republic, USA razor is a tribute to different events that has happened as part of history in the USA. Puerto Rico Razor is build better and stronger History Design with the taino indian. Tribute to all 20 latin nations. High Quality Takes double edge blades Slide out blade holder Adjustable tension screw for comfort of the handle movement. Beautiful special edition carrying case for those special edition razors,