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Aberlite Beard straightening Brush

ABERLITE BEARD STRAIGHTENER FOR MEN (2019) BEARD STRAIGHTENING HEAT BRUSH COMB IONIC - ELECTRIC DUAL VOLTAGE (100V-240V) - FOR HOME & TRAVEL - DAD GIFTS Perfect Gift for Men & Designed for Facial Hair - Aberlite Beard Straightening Brush is designed specifically for facial hair to avoid damaging your beard and burning your face. It’s also suitable for head hair for both men and women. All the Right Temperatures for Your Beard - All temperatures are below 400°F to avoid damaging your beard and burning your face. Deliver Straight, Smooth Facial Hair in One Pass - Unique PTC heating technology always maintains a consistent level of heat to deliver maximum straightening power with every pass. Fast, Long-lasting Results - Advanced ionic conditioning combined with anti-static coating provides for an easy glide through the facial hair with less snagging and frizz and fast, long lasting results. Easily straighten and brush in one step! Long Press Power Up & Auto Safety Shut-Off - 3 second long press to power up to protect accidentally turning the power on. Automatically shuts off after 30 minutes of discontinued use.

Baby’s First Haircut Certificate

Don’t let your baby client leave your barbershop without one of these beautiful “Baby’s First Haircut” Certificate. Leave an impressions and memories for years to come as they will remember your name as you was the one to give their child their first haircut.

Clipp-Aid Clipper blade sharpener

About the product Clipp-Aid Sharpening Crystals For Standard Clipper Blades (Individual Sachet). For use with adjustable blades and blade sizes: 0000, 000, 0A. Clipp-Aid is a unique clipper and trimmer maintenance product for barbers and stylists. This all-in-one product allows barbers to clean and sharpen their metal blades like new in less than 2 minutes, right in the convenience of your barber shop or salon. What's cool about Clipp-Aid is that using it once every 2-3 weeks removes all the hair, dirt and grime that gets stuck between your blades. It keeps your clipper and trimmer blades sharp at all times. The sharper the blade, the crisper the cut! With regular use of Clipp-Aid you can use the same blade for many more months allowing barbers and stylists to keep more money in their pockets. You know when barbers/stylists have to change or sharpen their blades, those blades have been dull for a really long time!

Elite Neck Strips – 60-Strips 12-Count

Elite Neck Strips are the new sanitary way to keep your clients clean and comfortable! Experience new stretchable strength and protection that fits into most neck strip dispensers! Salon Tested / Salón Probado Preferred by Professionals / Preferido por los Profesionales Economical / Económica Sanitary / Sanitaria

Hold and Touch Neck strip 5 rolls 110 strips per roll (550 strips total).

Description Elite Hold And Touch Neck Strips - 550 Strips 5 Roll of 110 Strips = 550 Strips Hold & Touch is the manufacturer of the patented Hold & Touch multi-purpose paper strips. What makes them unique is they are water-resistant, self-adhesive, strong, and stretchable. They are great for professional treatments for men & women • Hold and Touch is patented multi-purpose strip that is perfect for haircuts (as neck strips),make-up,facials, etc. • The strip is self adhesive, strong, stretchable and water resistant. • Perfect for lots of barber/beauty applications. • 5 Rolls of Strips included. Approximately 110 strips per roll (550 strips total). Dispenser Not Included.

MOD clean disenfectant pods

MOD Clean Disinfectant Pods MOD Clean is the stress-free, most affordable, and safest way to “MODernize” your disinfectant. These pre-measured pods are made exclusively for the beauty industry to take the guesswork out of mixing your disinfectant properly. MOD Clean’s unique design is small, lightweight, and precise, taking up much less storage space than cumbersome liquid disinfectant bottles. MOD Clean is packaged in resalable bags for your convenience and are recyclable as well, making them environmentally friendly.

Shaving Factory Barber Neck Strip, 500 Count

About the product There are 100 strips per roll and 5 rolls in a plastic package, 500 strips in total Manufactured from the best quality of materials, 100% cellulose Fits all sizes of necks, both in male and female with its flexibility Catches loose hair, absorbs perspiration and drips Required in most states

Shaving Factory Neck Strip Dispenser, 5 Ounce

About the product Made of hard plastic Can be sticked to mirror or window easily Comes with 1 free roll of shaving factory neck strip Works great with our neck strips Keeps the neck strip clean and tidy

The Latherking Next Generation, Charcoal, Made in USA by Lather King

About the product Produces thick, hot lather Enclosed universal motor Waterproof heater Includes 1 8oz bottle of Campbell's Liquid Shave Cream 1 year warranty