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Aberlite Beard straightening Brush

ABERLITE BEARD STRAIGHTENER FOR MEN (2019) BEARD STRAIGHTENING HEAT BRUSH COMB IONIC - ELECTRIC DUAL VOLTAGE (100V-240V) - FOR HOME & TRAVEL - DAD GIFTS Perfect Gift for Men & Designed for Facial Hair - Aberlite Beard Straightening Brush is designed specifically for facial hair to avoid damaging your beard and burning your face. It’s also suitable for head hair for both men and women. All the Right Temperatures for Your Beard - All temperatures are below 400°F to avoid damaging your beard and burning your face. Deliver Straight, Smooth Facial Hair in One Pass - Unique PTC heating technology always maintains a consistent level of heat to deliver maximum straightening power with every pass. Fast, Long-lasting Results - Advanced ionic conditioning combined with anti-static coating provides for an easy glide through the facial hair with less snagging and frizz and fast, long lasting results. Easily straighten and brush in one step! Long Press Power Up & Auto Safety Shut-Off - 3 second long press to power up to protect accidentally turning the power on. Automatically shuts off after 30 minutes of discontinued use.

Shawty Red Hot Pick & Shawty Red Beard Conditioner Spray

THE HOT BEARD AFRO PICK COMES WITH A TEMPERATURE CONTROL GAUGE, AND PAINT CHIP PROOF CASING. THE HOT PICK GIVES YOUR HAIR VOLUME FOR A FULLER LOOK! IT PROMOTES BEARD GROWTH BY PICKING OUT THE MATTED AREAS, AND THE PROTECTIVE PLASTIC GUARDS SHIELD SKIN FROM HEAT. PERFECT FOR THOSE CURLY BEARDS THAT DON'T SEEM TO GET LONGER! Shawty Red Hot Pick & Shawty Red Beard Conditioner Spray Description The SHAWTY RED HOT PICK 2.0 is the #1 hair care tool used in barbershop, salons & homes worldwide!! It is a versatile hot pick used to help stretch out the beard and hair creating volume and fullness to the hair and beard. It’s not a hot comb so you don’t have to worry about compromising the integrity of your curl pattern. ​With the heat self-adjusting temperature dial, it’s able to be used on all ethnicities! For fine to medium- fine textured hair, use the lowest setting possible. For medium-fine to medium textured hair, use the middle temperature setting & for medium to very coarse textured hair, use the highest setting to achieve maximum results! FOR HAIR: If you are “hair dryer challenged”, this is the product for you! It’s a very safe & effective alternative to blow drying the hair. However, we absolutely do NOT recommend using the SHAWTY RED HOT PICK 2.0 on wet hair! When using on the hair we recommended that the hair is dry and to use the SHAWTY RED Conditioning Hair/Beard Growth Conditioning Spray. It’s our very own conditioning/thermal protectant spray to help soften the cuticle while penetrating the hair shaft to allow the SHAWTY RED HOT PICK 2.0 to comb through the hair effortlessly. Also gives the hair great sheen & volume! FOR BEARDS: The SHAWTY RED HOT PICK 2.0 is a very safe alternative to beard blow-outs because you’re not going to burn or scrape the skin underneath. We also recommend using the SHAWTY RED Conditioning Hair/Beard Growth Conditioning Spray in conjunction with the hot pick. It helps the beard to grow by penetrating the skin underneath causing stimulation of blood flow from the follicles. It also helps to alleviate “beardruff”, dry skin & ingrown hair giving the beard fullness, volume, amazing sheen & thermal protector all in one! And (Free) Hard Wood Beard Comb SHAWTY RED Wood Beard combs prevent the facial skin underneath the beard from drying out. It helps to distribute the natural oils.