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LED Vanity Mirror by GlassTek size 23.5″ X 31.5″ TV/ Mirror

LED Vanity Mirror by GlassTek size 23.5″ X 31.5″. GlassTek LED Mirrors provide a modern sophistication to any bathroom or bedroom. The LED lights provide an enhanced illumination which provide an elegant glowing undertone to the room. LED Mirrors will give you a one of a kind design where form meets function. LED Mirrors that can be customized to fit your personal style. These mirrors can all be customized by adding options including a built-in touch sensor switch, infrared motion detection switch, blue LED digital clock, Bluetooth receiver with sound system, mp3 player with digital clock and docking station, integrated TV, magnification glass with LED lit ring, and anti-fogging features.

Self cut system

About the product EDUCATIONAL. Self-Cut System's FREE educational mobile app teaches you how to cut and fade your own hair as if it was done by a professional 3-WAY MIRROR. Achieve the perfect cut every time with Self-Cut's lightweight and versatile three-way mirror, which allows you to see every inch of your head VERSATILE. The Self-Cut System's telescoping brackets come right out of the unit and hook onto any door, making for instant height adjustment for the perfect self-grooming experience DURABLE AND PORTABLE. With a new lightweight and non-breakable design, the Travel Self-Cut System can tag along to keep you looking your best, both at home and on the road A LIFETIME OF SAVINGS. Just one monthly haircut costs AT LEAST $240 per year. Save your money and keep yourself looking sharp at ALL times!