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Hair Illusions 100% Natural Hair Fibers

What is Hair Illusion? Hair Illusion is a cosmetic cure for bald and thin hair. Hair Illusion does not re-grow hair. What is Hair Illusion made of? Hair Illusion is made of real hair fibers. These fibers are made from 100% natural real hair, the same hair you have on your scalp. Will hair illusion wash off? Hair illusion is a cosmetic product. essentially makeup for your hair. As with all cosmetics it will wash out. We do sell our water resistant spray that will allow you do get it wet.It will stay on in rain, sweating, or light shower water if used. How long will it stay on? We have people who keep it on for a week or longer. They use our holding spray and sleep with a doo rag. (Usually only for short hair types) If it begins to rain, will Hair Illusion wash out? Hair Illusion stays firmly in place through wind, rain and perspiration. For maximum hold, use fine mist hair spray. For more FAQ click here! 1. Apply a light layer of our fiber hold spray to balding area. 2. Let dry 30-45 seconds. 3. Apply our Hair Illusion hair fibers. 4. Finnish with our fiber hold spray holding the bottle 10-12 inches from the hair and apply short easy sprays. 5. For best results and strongest hold. Repeat the steps 2-3 times.If you plan to get your hair wet make sure to use our water resistant spray. If you notice the fibers are clumping or spotty looking simply add more fibers to fill in. **NATURAL HAIR FIBERS** Check other hair fibers ingredients. We use 1 ingredient 100% natural human hair. ** 38g Bottle** DON'T BE FOOLED BY PRICE. Less expensive hair fibers are using only 12-15g bottle. ** NOTHING LOOKS MORE NATURAL THAN REAL HAIR** You can't fake real hair with synthetic fibers made with cotton and rayon. ** IF IT WASN'T PERFECT I WOULDN'T USE IT MYSELF ** I guarantee you will be amazed with the natural look. ^ For a Stronger Hold We Recommend Using Our Fiber Hold Spray Before And After Applying The Hair Fibers ^

Hair Illusions Fiber Hairspray 4 oz

Designed To Create a Stronger Bond Between Thinning Hair And Hair Fibers. After applying hair illusion hair fibers apply our fiber hold spray for a stronger bond. Directions: Hold 10-12 inches from hair and use short easy sprays. Designed To use with hair illusion hair fibers. Made specifically to be used with Hair Illusion hair fibers Can be used on bald heads and beards when applied first Forms like a glue so fibers hold in place longer Holding spray only, fibers sold separate

Hair Illusions water resistant holding spray

No More worries about rain, sweating, and Showers. We have tested this product under shower water and it holds up perfect. It's not made to run your head under the shower. its made in case your hair gets wet in the shower. This spray is water resistant, NOT water proof. If you get your hair wet let your hair air dry. Do not touch your hair. Apply more spray if needed. Our Water Resistant Spray is not to be used as replacement of our fiber hold spray. Our water resistant spray is only to make your hair water resistant.  

Spray Applicator by Hair Illusion, (Not a full bottle) Inc. 3 grams black fiber

Benefits: * Easy to apply the fibers with this spray applicator * Better control of the amount of fibers used with each application * Spreads the fibers equally and naturally – no clusters or disarray * Allows for a more precise, exact aim in contrast to simply shaking fibers onto the scalp * Directed spray uses fewer Hair Illusion fibers so you save money and your bottle lasts longer * Instantly covers up thinning areas and bald spots To use on completely bald spots or hairline: 1.Apply light layer of Hair Illusion Fiber Hold Spray to balding area to secure the fibers.(Let dry 60 seconds) 2.Apply Hair Illusion Hair Fibers by spraying the Hair illusion Real Hair Fibers Spray Applicator above the affected area. 3.Finish with Hair Illusion Holding Spray, positioning bottle 10-12 inches from your head and spritzing in short, easy sprays. 4.Repeat steps 1-2 for best results and strongest hold. Note: Patent pending interchangeable tip which will allow precise spraying of the hairline. For larger areas, simply remove the tip.