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All Set Blade Setter

SIZE Small enough to take anywhere Light weight Sled design with tight tolerance MULTIPLE BLADES. ONE SETTER Set any trimmer blade within seconds. HOW IT WORKS Zero-Gapping your trimmer blade can provide a close shave or line-up. Loosen your screws on the back of the blade Place Blade inside of the "All Set Blade Setter" Spin the nut to move the sled forward. Learn more  Tighten screws  Precise Design Form Technology is an development company creating ways to fix everyday problems.

One Minute Blade Modifer

About the product MASTER YOUR CRAFT: Access the key to sharper lines and closer shaves. Our patent pending 1 Min Blade Modifier turns your regular clipper blade into a perfectly modified barber blade in just 1 minute. This means the cleanest line ups and closest shaves without having to spend a fortune buying modified blades. FOR PROS AND AMATEURS: You don’t have to be a master cutter to make your trimmer a certified hitter. The 1min blade modifier is an invaluable tool for barbers but also makes a great addition to any individual’s hair clipper arsenal; start cleaning up your line ups at home with professional precision. MORE USES; MORE VALUE: We’ve designed the 1 minute blade modifier with a premium diamond metal sharpening stone. The effect? You get 15-20 blade modifications using just 1 barber blade sharpener. Save some change by going the premium route. (Not for use with clipper blades) MODIFIES ALL PROFESSIONAL SHAVERS: Andis or Wahl, Oster or BaByliss, this barber blade sharpening tool gives the trimmers an even, enviable edge without the risk of oversharpening. For the sharpest lines and cleanest shaves, pair the 1m blade modifier with On The Money blade setters