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2 Outlet Surge Protector Power Strip with USB Smart Charger (4 Port,5V 7.4A),with Type C Charging Port, 6.6ft Long Cord Extension, Home Office Desk Nightstand Travel Charger Station -White

All in one design: 2 outlets surge protector + 4 USB charging ports (1x type c, 3x USB-a) This mini power strip charger can fit right into your palm; it is ideal for home office travel Intelligently detects the input current to maximize both compatibility and charging speed Sophisticated circuit design with over-heated, over-current, over-charging protection 6.6 ft. long cord extension meets all your needs; each USB ports: 5v 2.4A max, type c port: 5v 3a max

Barber Shop Get BarberEd T-Shirt

Who says you can’t start over and do what you want to do your own way? After decades in sales and operations management in the newspaper, plastics, and oil industries I decided that Act 2 would be on my terms. I’d do something I wanted to do. Initially thinking I would be an art major, I wanted a creative field. I wanted something social, allowing me to both interact with my many friends and acquaintances more often and where I could meet new people and make new friends as well. Community based? Flexible? Earnings ties directly as to effort? Thanks to my good friend Gabby Venturo, who went back to barbering himself after thirty years away from it, I decided barbering could be the right fit. Check, check, check, check, check. It hit all the marks. Barber school was great. Great group of peers from all walks of life and all different ages and lifestyles. One better than the next. All creative and passionate about what they do and what lies ahead. A great and varied group of instructors that prepared me with the basics, good habits, and a ton of knowledge and then helped refine what skills I had. Some taught different techniques and approaches. Some, how to spot trouble areas or area that could be improved. Some reinforced the basics. A great group of instructors and I truly appreciate them all. Thank you NEHA. I cut and shaved wherever I could get experience. I cut in the shop, at home, on vacation ... on a beach. Friends, relatives, the elderly, children. As many types of hair and as many styles as I could. Thank you to all that showed up, especially in the beginning when the cuts were likely not as good as they are now. Your support was noticed and is instrumental in any success I may have. What's next? Becoming the best barber I can be. Helping to raise the barbering standards and expectations of clients. But not 'just' cutting and shaving. I want people to have the best products they can to care for and maintain their look and style. To that end, I have been continually learning and studying and researching. After much research (and not a little trial and error!), I've started blending my own small-batch high-quality beard oils, beard balms, a mustache wax, and skin conditioner / tattoo oil. They've been surprisingly big hits and have received great reviews and are being sold here on-line and in numerous barbershops and stores. I've designed my logo and have some artwork on my merchandise for those who've asked to support the growing brand. Again, its all very appreciated and humbling. We'll see where it all leads... It’s time to keep stepping up my game.

Best Electric Shaver Razor for Men Travel Shaver Portable Mini Magnetic Suction Phone Razor Suitable for

About the product Plug and Play: Electric Shaver is 1.2-1.8W, low power consumption, doesn’t damage the phone battery, no need to download driver, APP, charging, support global use, electric razor with two power supply interfaces that the one could connect with OTG enabled USB Type-C interfaces, the another one is support for charger and power bank device. Men's Essential Artifact: Electric shaver for men is mini-sized and easy to carry. Whether camping, hiking in outdoors, or driving to work and ready to participate in business activities, insert the phone razor into the phone charging interface to solve the beard problem, keeping a personal charm. Safety & Practical: Travel shaver with precision blade technology and double-ring net that can be adapted to the contours of the face, neck and even the lower jaw. Rounded edges move smoothly over the skin, don't force press it on the face to reduce irritation, provides comfortable close-fitting shave. Magnetic Suction & Easy Cleaning: Shaver for men combines magnetic suction technology with a self-priming design that provides 360-degree anastomosis between the cutter head and the shaver body, it's easy to install and open to clean the beard. After used, please put the shaver for men into the storage bag. Best Electric Shaver for Men: Portable electric shaver has stylish personality and rich technological elements. It's a best creative gift for father, husband, boyfriend, brothers or male friends. You will look their excited expression when they received this surprise gift. Mobile phone or power bank can supply power to it directly, no more bothered the electric shaver out of power. Electric razor is plug and play, help you fast solve the beard problem. It's ideal for travel, driving and business activity with its automatic worldwide voltage, you can bring the portable travel shaver anywhere. Magnetic suction, Unique features, 360 degree closing technology, instant disassembly, prevent beard from falling out and easy to clean. Precision blade technology and double ring plate net can be used to protect the skin from scratches.

Custom Barber Bobble Head

Item details Handmade Material polymer clay Pictures above are just for your reference. You can order this but custom design what you want. ========================================================================= Personalize your own Bobble head / wedding cake topper. Just send us a photo and we will hand-sculpt your amazing personalized figurine. Using your photo or other photos you like as references, we can create custom caricature figurines made to look like you or your loved one. All figurines are made of polymer clay, about 6~7 inches high. Each part is custom painted according to your favorite color.   NOTE: 1.Clay figures are not waxworks; they CANNOT be made exactly the same as in the picture. The resemblance could be approximately 90%. Please see the following pictures as a reference for resemblance between photo and real figurine: 2. Due to its uniqueness, all customized clay figurines CANNOT be exchanged or refunded, please think carefully before you make the purchase. - Less

Custom Barber Business Cards

Handmade Materials cartoon portrait, portrait from photo, custom portrait, business card, cusom design, business card design Barber business card Amazing Caricature Business Cards That Draw Attention to Your Barber Shop Business! I’ll design and illustrate your full colored caricature for your business cards. Standard size is 3.5” by 2”. Please contact us for custom sizes. We can provide single or double sided card designs. We also do more than business card designs, we can also have your business cards printed out and delivered directly to your home or business. Your beautiful likeness will be illustrated into a cartoon-like image. Potential customers will be able to tell at a glance what you do for a living. Your barber shop clients will enjoy your special caricature business cards. Your cards will be noticed, rather than discarded. Fun and humorous designs will help to convert sales, and your clients will also be more likely to remember you and book a second time, and beyond. I also draw caricatures for all types of business professionals. Please inquire for other professions and fields. In addition to a business card design, you’ll get a caricature logo that can also be used as a Facebook avatar, website logo, as part of flyers designs, for price lists, banners or other magazine ads. It’s a simple process for your special caricature business cards. We begin from your photographs and instructions. Time is then spent intricately illustrating and colorizing to your requirements. We work with you and resend proofs until you are pleased with the design. Once you approve the caricature, then we start designing your business cards with the contact information you have sent us. The file will be sent to you to proof, then after approval, the final file will be delivered. We provide you with a high-resolution digital caricature and a business card design that includes a commercial use license. If you’ve also ordered printed cards, they’ll arrive quickly from a trusted print company. If you’ve only ordered the digital files, you’re free to use your own printing company. It’s also possible to add your logos, pictures, or other types of artwork into the design. After you’ve placed your order, please send the file with graphics, photos, and instructions.

Ring Light Kit:18″ 48cm Outer 55W 5500K Dimmable LED Ring Light, Light Stand, Carrying Bag for Camera,Smartphone,YouTube,Self-Portrait Shooting

This ring light eliminates stark shadows, widely applied to lighting, fashion, wedding art, advertisement photography, makeup, YouTube videos, studio shoot, portrait photography and live streaming, etc. Packing list: (1)18 inches LED ring light,(1)74 inch light stand,(1)white and orange color filter set,(1)tripod head hot shoe adapter,(1)universal Adapter with US plug,(1)smart phone holder, comes with a carrying bag for convenient storage and carry Ultra wide multiple compatibilit a hot shoe Adapter for most DSLR cameras and smartphone holder for most smartphones. Best for YouTube video recording, camera photography shooting, makeup live streaming. It can be use for DSLR Camera, smartphone, Mirrorless camera. Warm light/White light dimmable range 18 inch outer 55W 5500K LED ring light with 240pcs LED bulbs inside. Comes with 2 color filter (white and orange) for 5500k200k. Adjustable ring light head, 36. 2-74 inch adjustable aluminum material foldable stand. Please note: The light stand is packed in a separate box inside the big package box (under the ring light box at the extreme bottom of the box).

Steve Harvey’s Barber…. Says it all!

Steve Harvey's Barber Says It All (An Extra Ordinary Look at Hair Care)" is a motivational tool for hair care industry professionals and it is a short autobiography that reveals the impact the Steve Harvey has had on the author's career and his personal growth. It gives the reader a broad view of the hair care industry through the personal experiences of the author. The book highlights a 12 step action plan for industry professionals that can help them achieve greater success in the industry and at the same time it also highlights areas of improvements for the industry as whole. Although the author targets hair care industry professionals, the self-improvement techniques that he presents in this books can be adopted by professionals in any field.