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Hairstylists And Barbers Are Grappling With Whether To Stop Cutting Hair During The Coronavirus Outbreak
“We can’t practice social distancing when we do hair. It just isn’t possible.”

Stephanie K. Baer
Stephanie K. Baer
BuzzFeed News Reporter
Updated on March 19, 2020, at 11:06 p.m. ET

Courtesy Joanne Marsden
Joanne Marsden

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Joanne Marsden knew Tuesday would be her last day of work for a while.

Even though local health officials hadn’t mandated any restrictions on hair salons, that nagging feeling that Marsden needed to do more to protect herself and her clients — and help prevent the spread of the novel coronavirus — had grown to outweigh her concerns about being able to financially support her family.

“We can’t practice social distancing when we do hair,” Marsden, a hairstylist in Irvine, California, told BuzzFeed News. “It just isn’t possible.”

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As officials across the US order restrictions on bars, restaurants, gyms, and other businesses to stifle the spread of COVID-19, the disease caused by the novel coronavirus, hairstylists and barbers in many cases are having to decide for themselves whether to continue operating their businesses. For those that close, it’s a decision that will cut off their only source of income for what could be weeks or months to come.


“Our industry in general has felt a little bit left out because we aren’t getting mandates from government — state or federal officials,” said April Markley, 39, a hairstylist in Denver. “We haven’t been given specific instructions to close, but, I mean, from what everyone’s understanding, our workplace and environment [are], like, prime spreadable areas.”

Hairstylists and salon owners who spoke to BuzzFeed News described how difficult it has been for them and others in the industry to decide whether to stay open. Some are choosing to continue operating until their state or county health officer force them to close — and doing what they can to maintain a clean workplace. Others have chosen to shut down now out of concern that they could be contributing to the spread of the disease.

Courtesy of Russell Cordeiro

“As [a] hairstylist/barber, you only make money if you’re working,” said Russell Cordeiro, a hairstylist and barber at Art + Autonomy SoHo Salon in New York City. “There is no such thing as sick days. There is no such thing as vacation days.”

Cordeiro said that initially his salon was waiting for the government to mandate they close — New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo has not specifically ordered hair or nail establishments to cease operations. But on Monday, the owners and stylists collectively decided to close the shop on a week-to-week basis.


“The idea was … let’s squeeze in as much as we can before they made an announcement, but I feel like the moral aspect came into play before that,” he said.

As of Thursday, more than 11,000 people in the US have tested positive for COVID-19, and more than 100 people have died. Experts believe the number of people infected is likely much higher due to a lack of sufficient testing.

To help stymie the spread of the disease, local, state, and federal officials are urging people to practice social distancing by staying at least 6 feet away from others outside of their household and working from home if possible.

Still, some salon owners are continuing to cut and style clients’ hair because of financial concerns or out of the belief that closing isn’t necessary to protect public health until their local government orders it.

“People are still going to the grocery store. You can’t disinfect everything that’s there. They’re still allowing restaurants to service the public only through delivery and takeout. It still can be spread,” said hairstylist Selima Peterson, who owns a salon in New Haven, Connecticut.

Peterson said if her county health department orders her to close, she will. Until then, she is continuing to see clients, spacing out their appointments so they don’t overlap, and disinfecting all equipment and physical spaces after each visit.

“Rain, sleet, snow — we are out working,” she said. “This virus is not going to stop me, and if my clients need me, I’m going to be there.”


After Peterson spoke with BuzzFeed News Thursday morning, Connecticut Gov. Ned Lamont signed an executive order mandating that hair salons, tattoo parlors, and other cosmetic businesses in the state cease operations. Peterson said she would abide by the order.

In the San Francisco Bay Area, health officials took the drastic step Monday of ordering all residents to shelter in place for at least three weeks and mandating the closure of all nonessential businesses — including beauty salons.

It was that order that forced Caroline Kan to close her business, House of Colours, in San Jose on Monday, though she said she probably would have shut down anyway.

“Eventually I probably would have because the numbers are just freaking skyrocketing,” Kan, 29, told BuzzFeed News.

In the meantime, Kan said, she has some money saved to help her get by for a little while, and her landlord gave her an extension to pay the salon’s April rent. But she isn’t sure how long she’ll be able to keep her business afloat if she’s unable to work for a longer period of time.

Like several other stylists who spoke with BuzzFeed News, Kan is an independent contractor and isn’t currently eligible for unemployment benefits.

“Financially, I mean, I’m definitely going to get a really big hit,” she said.

Courtesy of April Markley


Markley, who is also an independent contractor, said she has been negotiating with the owner of the salon where she rents a chair about cutting her payment in half for the next month after she decided to stop seeing clients for at least three weeks. But if it gets to a point where she has to choose between her apartment and her workspace, she’ll probably have to give up her spot at the salon altogether.

“I think we’re all sort of in that place right now,” Markley said.

Even for those stylists who are salon employees and do qualify for unemployment, getting assistance hasn’t been easy.

“I tried about four times today to apply,” Cordeiro said Wednesday, referring to New York state’s unemployment benefits program. “The website keeps crashing on me.”

Cordeiro, whose partner works at the same salon, said he thinks they will be OK without any income for a few months. But, he added, it’s hard to say what exactly lays ahead.

“Of course we’re going to have to start living a bit more frugally, but, like I said, I don’t think it’s completely really set in or that full realization of the impact that this is really going to have on our lives and, I think, everyone’s lives,” he said. “This is going to add up.”

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Right now, your more best market will be the particular foe of several who also are at the moment unemployed or possibly under-employed. A whole new approach to help go-gettinggumptious, pioneering, up-and-coming discovery gives often the key which can make some sort of a tad bit more ideal current market, a new friend. This method involves not one but two key endeavours that replace the way good. First, have to change the harmful to your home belief of which productive company happen to be born and not built. In the main past some decades, countless felt this entrepreneurial results depended in “grit” when confronted with the monstrous market rewards of enormous corporations. A perception arose this successful entrepreneurship was to match the control to a exceptional pair of identity traits. That perception is often a hold-over within the age exactly where it has been highly tough to get started on your new organization because about the settled competition coming from big organization operating over the “bubble” of a post Environment War 2 market flaw. But situation have altered.

As mentioned earlier, substantial business today has big problems with swift reaction to contest as in comparison to a lot of smaller, better firms. Major business will probably be less rather than more in the position to survive in a more-perfect market place. In a good more-perfect market place, with the obligation ability and choice of corporation, it will need to be quicker to start some sort of organization instructions not necessarily troublesome. The exact “born possibly not made” understanding associated with business owners is definitely also some sort of response to several pop-psych tests that are fitted with purported to teach which business men have exclusive character traits: Simply no traits–no business owner. In actuality, these analyses are frequently unclear, and provide certainly no obvious information that a magical list of achieving success personality decides gumptiouspioneering, up-and-coming efficiency. Consequently, would-be business owners are usually doubtfully dissuaded out of going by means of thinking of often the misinformation in which enterprisers will be blessed and never designed. It must turned into the commonly accepted self-belief that profitable venturing is feasible for any individual who comes with the specialized exercise, the will capability, as well as a strong gumptiouspioneering, up-and-coming breakthrough discovery. Though some could possibly realize it is simplier and easier to exploits due to be able to a number of evaluate of organic ability, non-e with the main formerly believed requisites must, by prejudice, come to be preemptively precluded coming from venturing. The particular need to get this tech coaching presents rise for you to the project required.

Minute, have to give a conceptual foundation with regard to effective entrepreneurship that can be in relation to good results enhancement with fail avoidance. Schooling people to be successful by preventing unproductive failing, is the extensive flying from the predominant process. Right now, much attempt is used up to name often the list regarding success elements for different efforts. No matter whether planned and also not, the search pertaining to the number ensures that presently there is a new accomplish food meant for project success. Nonetheless, typically the achieving success recipe ingredients approach provides limits. Each of our strategy which in turn attempts to further improve exploits good results by methodically eliminating the cause of failure (see Preface-Venture Achievements With Disaster Prevention) has got larger assure. Especially, all of our process promises, by means of exercising, so that you can reduce ineffective new project failure instant the possibility that a good project will probably be “selected for” inside the “survival from the fittest” ecology of typically the cost-free party system. Seeing that detailed throughout the Preamble, failure inside a new exploits can arise available as one associated with about three sections: 1 ) Failing from the venture–not the right way “building the particular business, in 2. not Disappointment within the venturer–not organizing the particular businessperson effectively, as well as several. Disaster throughout the social context–failing so that you can properly take into consideration and involve possibility stakeholders.

Achieving success development with inability reduction entails understanding the essential ailments which will must come to be obtained in businesses, venturers, and even with stakeholders to prevent disappointment. Additionally, it will need of which these conditons be satisfied BEFORE the main possibility persists; You will find there’s unique approach that will can transform the low entrepreneur inside the successful entrepreneur.

This tactic entails a couple of crucial endeavors that will alter the strategy we believe and finally, them cartouche the particular rest towards luck as well as the good sense and even skill of the venturer plus his or her stakeholders. Inside the fabric presented here, we’ll consider six inadequacies in the exact venture once more which will lead to new-venture formation inability. They stick to logical obtain, beginning having typically the endeavor concept (entrepreneurial discovery) along with developing by the important hurdles that a venture need to clear to viable. They may be: Innovation failur, failure to produce value, disappointment to continue over precious time, breakdown in order to maintain global financial scarcity, inability to hinder the very financial backing regarding produced valuation, in addition to disappointment to be able to maintain overall flexibility in the main face with uncertainness and also duplexity. This kind of variety things to half a dozen key thoughts that ought to be mentioned each opportunity: Is them Innovative? Is actually it Precious? Is that continual more than time? do you find it scarce? will it be non-appropriable? is that it flexible?

On the material under, each associated with these problems is viewed as in depth. Every key dilemma is usually backed by 2 or three sub-questions this further outline the conditions to become found. Intended for alleviate of benchmark, this range of six concerns, with sub-questions, is labeled throughout for the reason that NEW VENTURE TEMPLATETM. Understand that the hidden coherence of this procedure dictates: Generally if the answer will not be yes (even to typically the sub-questions)–DON’T HEAD OUT ON prior to the question is normally resolved. (Note: The “it” in the particular issues shifts to typically the up-and-coming uncovering which will varieties the basis intended for the possibility. ) The exact order in which the questions are usually posed plus answered permits the venturer to attract conclusions in regards to the venture that are quite other than getting during the list. For example, will need to inquiries 2 and also couple of end up being clarified without a doubt, that is feasible to guess a lucrative venture–but one which may not really very last: a new trendy, so to talk. Also, inquiries 1-3, since a set, answer the actual master-question: Could this be a Enterprise? Questions 4-6 answer the particular master-question: Can you Keeping it? In the particular content which follows, the reader will recognize that the “don’t go on” logic is generally a building reasoning, which parallels the developing on the project.

Beginning with the particular idea once more, and then simply next without delay using marketing considerations, will be the means that efforts are basically made in practice. After the plan and it is promote are usually peacefully based, afterward the venturer should go up to consider typically the competing (or strategic) location from the product/service where typically the business is definitely based. Thus, the very last 3 inquiries cope primarily considering the troubles based on cut-throat strategy rapid to help keep often the business after it seems to have been organized in the very market.

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